5 Steps To Successful Sales

The Event Pros Guide To Filling Their Calendar With Raving Fans

What do you need to do before you even meet with a prospective client? How should you approach the meeting? What are some strategies for learning about each other? How can you showcase your expertise and demonstrate value...without sounding arrogant? What can you do to move past objections and provide real solutions? Have you struggled with any or all of the above? I'm Mitch Taylor, and I've been where you are. I grew my company in a town where the closest Starbucks was over 60 miles away for several years to a six figure business by following a simple yet detailed five-step process. Clients have paid well over $1000 for this information from me in private workshop. I want to give you a leg up and make it available to you right here, right now for a fraction of that investment.

Say Yes and hear more Yes's!

You can keep hearing "no" and have less money or you can say "yes" to this and start hearing "yes" more often

Course curriculum

  • 1

    SALES 4 Event Pros Module 1 Search

    • What Are You REALLY Selling Module 1.1

    • S is for SEARCH Module 1.2

    • Searching For Clues Module 1.3

    • Searching Online Module 1.4

    • Summary Module 1.5

  • 2

    SALES 4 Event Pros Module 2 Approach

    • Review Module 2.1

    • A is 4 Approach Module 2.2

    • The First Two Questions Module 2.3

    • Sharing Stories Module 2.4

    • Summary Module 2.5

  • 3

    SALES 4 Event Pros Module 3 Learn

    • Learn Module 3.1

    • L is 4 Learn Module 3.2

    • Ask Better Questions Module 3.3

    • Finding Their WHY Module 3.4

    • Summary Module 3.5

  • 4

    SALES 4 Event Pros Module 4 Explain

    • Review Module 4.1

    • E is 4 Explain Module 4.2

    • Story Time Module 4.3

    • Painting The Picture Module 4.4

    • Summary Module 4.5

  • 5

    SALES 4 Event Pros Module 5 Solve

    • Review Module 5.1

    • S is 4 Solve Module 5.2

    • Leveraging Social Proof Module 5.3

    • Final Steps Module 5.4

    • Summary Module 5.5

Social proof: testimonials

Apply 1 method...made $2700 sale

Aldo Ryan

I decided to apply just one brief, outside-the-comfort zone method Mitch taught me and I sold a $2700 package! It was evident the client felt comfortable & excited enough to hire me over the phone because she felt I UNDERSTOOD her. Thank you, Mitch!

Refocusing On The Why

Rhoni Mohanraj

A bride doesn't want a beautiful dress, she wants to look beautiful in her dress. She doesn't want emotional photographs, she wants emotional memories. What are you selling and why? That's what I learned in this course. Thanks Mitch!

Ton Of Fun...Use Immediately

Irina Gleyzer

Not only was it a ton of fun, I learned so many things that I am able to use immediately.

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Top 40 Questions To Ask Your Clients

    Ever get stuck with what to ask next? Not anymore! This isn't mean to be a laundry list of questions to rattle off to your clients...yet a "cheat sheet" for you to eliminate the problem of not knowing what to ask next. VALUE: $49

  • Behind The Scenes Sales Meeting

    Ever wanted to be a fly-on-the-wall in another pro's sales meeting? This isn't some fake re-enactment where the results are always perfect. This is the REAL DEAL. I pull back the curtain and showcase the exact process I use, how it works with a real client. VALUE: $99

  • Be The Expert Toolkit

    Includes Sales Success from A to Z mp3's, Monthly Email Checklists, Follow Up Email Campaign and MORE: VALUE $99

Total Value: $546 - Your cost: $199

For the first 10 purchasers - you'll also receive a F R E E 30 minute coaching session - VALUE $100.